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Pellegrini's Team

The team features a couple of players we have not seen a lot this year, but seem to be making their statements to make the first team. Both Jordi Pablo and Matilla saw their names on the 19-man call this week, and at least one of them is guaranteed a spot in the final 18.

Keepers: Diego López and Viera;
Defenders: Javi Venta, Angel, Gonzalo, Godin, Cygan, and Capdevila;
Midfielders: Eguren, Ibagaza, Pires, Mati Fernandez, Cani, Bruno, Jordi Pablo, and Matilla;
Forwards: Rossi, Nihat, and Llorente.

Fabricio Fuentes is out with a sore left leg, and Guille Franco is out with a muscle strain in the back of his right thigh.

Also of note, Manuel Pellegrini has voiced that Jordi Pablo has found his way to the first team on a semi-permanent basis. For at least the remainder of the season, he will replace Santi Cazorla in the midfield.

If you have not seen it yet, you need to check out this video of Pires, Capdevila, and others visiting Big Ben and sightseeing around London. Be sure to catch the hazing of Jordi Pablo and Angel's world-famous bird calls.