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More Thoughts

A couple more things as the match is a little more removed. To follow up on what Pico said in the comments below, we absolutely could not match up against the strength of Adebayor, and we were throttled by the overall speed of Arsenal.

Generally, Gonzalo and Godin are not getting it done in the back. We simply cannot keep a clean sheet to save our lives as of late. It feels like they have lost some of their organization.

I do not understand why Mati was taken off early. I thought he was the most productive player we had on the pitch, and if anyone was going to break through, it was going to be him. I was very disappointed to see him withdrawn. When I saw Nihat and Ibagaza coming in, I felt sure it was Rossi and Bruno that would be removed. Rossi was simply not productive tonight. Although he has been able to make up for his goal production as of late with some stellar ball movement, he did not do that tonight.