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Champions League Quarter Final Preview : Arsenal v Villarreal CF

Just a brief little preview, Maddi has provided the squads and injury details in the previous posts. Senna is of course the glaring absentee from our squad, his loss is a definite blow to our chances. Still the players have been making confident noises this week with Pires, Rossi, Senna, Eguren and Gonzalo all stating that they believe that they can win in the Emirates. Senna's absence leaves us with a bit of a dilemma in midfield. Do we go ultra offensive and play Ibagaza alongside Eguren? or do we opt for Bruno for a bit more stability? How fit are Cani and Mati? 4-5-1 or 4-4-2?

Personally I would like to see a 4-5-1, we just need to score 1 goal to progress but if we concede early then things start to get difficult. So I would hope to see something like this :


Angel - Gonzalo - Godin - Capdevila

Cani - Bruno - Eguren - Pires



However maybe 4-4-2 might be more positive, I can't decide. Pellegrini will be earning his money over the next day or two. Getting the tactics right on Wednesday is so important, we have to play to our strengths and get the most out of the likes of Rossi and Ibagaza.

We know who the danger men for Arsenal are and I think we dealt with them pretty well in the first leg. If we can grab an early goal and frustrate them the crowd at the Emirates are liable to get on their teams back. It is a big ask for us to win tomorrow but I think we can do it. We know that we have to score and I think that should help us play our best attacking football. Unfortunately I have training and will miss the game but there will definitely be streams available on Rojadirecta.

We have to BELIEVE !