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Senna Update

Quick update on Senna's condition. He has a strained isquiotibiales (I do not know the exact English translation of the term, but it is one of three long muscles going down the back of the leg in the thigh area - see picture). He will have an MRI on Wednesday, and will definitely miss the Arsenal match. It is highly likely that he is out this coming weekend against Valladolid. I have to say - I have never seen him so disappointed to leave a match injured as he was yesterday. There have been times in the past where he looks a little annoyed at having to continue at all, but yesterday, it was clear that he truly wanted to be in there, and did not want to miss Wednesday's match.

Oh, and Villarreal are now sitting in position for the Europa League with eight matches to go. Valencia won today, as did Atletico, so it looks like this: Valencia (49), Villarreal (48), Atletico (46), Malaga (46), Depor (43). It is going to be a heated battle for that final Champions League spot.

I should know this, but I don't - if Barcelona wins the Champions League, does La Liga pick up another CL spot?