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Senna Out; Cani, Mati Doubtful

Marcos Senna is out of action for Wednesday's match in London. He has a muscle strain around the back of his left knee, although it has not been officially diagnosed just yet.

Matias Fernandez and Ruben Cani are still doubtful for the match with their respective knocks. I have a feeling that at least one of them will be ready before the match, but our midfield is looking paper thin. At Pellegrini's sure disposal will be Eguren, Pires, Ibagaza, and Bruno. No subs. If an Arsenal defender just thinks about an extra hard tackle from behind, we will be down a player.

I would not be surprised to see someone like Jordi Pablo on the bench on Wednesday, if not Matilla as well. Pellegrini will have to at least name a travelling squad soon, as I feel sure the team will be heading to England on Monday.

Might it be possible that Pellegrini pulls Rossi back into a midfield role if it becomes necessary during the match? I know it is not his position, but it might be preferable to have him there than pulling in someone very inexperienced.

Those available for our midfield are going to have to step up and play the matches of their lives if we expect to have any kind of chance at advancing. I am not overly hopeful at this point.