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World Cup Qualifying Notes

I'll start with one of the best quotes I have heard in a long time. Nihat spoke today about Turkey's chances against Spain tomorrow:

I have had a lot of dreams in my sleep and I always forget them when I wake up, but to beat Spain is not a dream.

Santi Cazorla is expected to sit on the bench against Turkey, at least to start the match, which I am sure will make Pellegrini happy.

But, in the other direction, Rossi is expected to get the start up front in a three-striker formation for Italy.

In former-Villarreal-player news, Rio Mavuba is getting his first call up to the French national side since March 2007 (in other words, since before he joined Villarreal) as he replaces the injured Abou Diaby in the squad. He is one player that I will definitely be watching over the next few years to see how he turns out after things flopped with the Yellow Submarine.