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Venta Stays, Costa Doesn't Come

Javi Venta will be with Villarreal for another year. Apparently it is not exactly a renewal of the contract, but rather a mutual decision by the player and club not to terminate the final year of the contract. Villarreal had the option to pay a small fee to be relieved of the final year of his contract, but decided to keep him on. His leadership will be important next year, but I do not expect that he will get the same amount of playing time as he has this year. I believe Angel is going to be firmly established in the starter's role next year.

Villarreal, at least for the moment, will not be able to sign Douglas Costa from Gremio. Apparently we put up an offer of 7m euros, but that was well shy of Gremio's set price: 12m. This may not be the end of negotiations, but I think it is fair to say he will not be signing with us in the immediate future.