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Other News

A quick update on a few things:

Cani is aiming to be back for the Almeria match. Not sure if it is possible, as his initial diagnosis had him out for eight to ten days, but we definitely need him. He will be well rested after having this week off, and he could be vital both for the Almeria match, as well as Tuesday's draw against Almeria.

Diego Godin continues to look doubtful for the Almeria match, as his Uruguay coach does not expect him to be back to face Chile on Wednesday.

A great interview with Pellegrini - his thoughts on leading Chile in the future, a contract extension with Villarreal, the recovery after the Poli Ejido match, and comparisons between him and Wenger and Ferguson. Good stuff.

Rayados de Monterrey (Mexico), his former team, looks to be the club that will sign Guille Franco at the end of the year. I think he does not get enough credit for what he has brought to the team. He has had a few match-winning goals, and, if nothing else, he can bring as much energy off the bench as anyone.