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And So It Begins...

Well, I was hoping we would at least make it to late April before the Giuseppe Rossi rumors would begin, but a big name in Italy has stepped into the mix: Inter. At least, if he is on the market, Villarreal should be handsomely rewarded. Rossi's agent has come out to suggest that Rossi is worth every penny of his €40 million buy-out clause.

No matter what, Villarreal should not make it easy for any of Rossi's suitors. If no team is offering at least €30, then Villarreal should balk - we could wait a year and get, in all likelihood, more, while keeping him on the pitch another year. If Rossi starts to try and push his way out, it could be another story altogether - but surely by now he has enough respect for Villarreal, the club that has put him on the international map, to not disrupt the club's finances too much.