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Villarreal B - Promotion Possibilities

As Villarreal takes a break for World Cup qualifiers, the club is still making waves in other arenas. Villarreal B, having just won its fifth straight, defeating UD Alzira 2-1. They now sit on top of Segunda B Group 3 with 67 points, 5 points ahead of their closest challengers, with seven matches to go.

Villarreal B have now basically assured their advance to the promotional playoffs. For those less familiar with the Segunda B/Seguna A relationship, Segunda A is the actual second division of Spain, with 22 teams. Segunad B is actually four different groups of 20 teams. Every year, four teams are relegated from Segunda A each year, while 16 teams (the top four from each group) from Segunda B advance to a playoff for the four available promotion spots.

If Villarreal can hold on to the top spot in group three, it will be especially beneficial. This year, the promotion rules have changed slightly. The top team in each group advances to a two-legged tie against one of the other group champions. The two winners from those two matchups are automatically promoted to Segunda A. The losers fall back into the playoffs, but enter the competition in a later round.

In other words, if Villarreal B holds on to the top spot, they will be only a two-legged competition from advancing to Segunda A. For Villarreal CF, promotion would be priceless - every match would be against quality competition, and Villarreal's youngsters will be advancing much more quickly than they are playing against the teams they face now.