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Pellegrini, I'm Sorry!

Manuel Pellegrini has come out saying that he hopes to stay at El Madrigal past his current contract, and that he would not buy his way out of a contract if it was not what Villarreal wanted. I know many of you have seen me ruminate on whether it might be time for the Mister to move on, but I recant. Sometimes, frustration gets the best of you, and it definitely did that to me! Pellegrini, whom I never should have doubted, has brought the club back into form, and now has the team playing great football as it looks to advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League for the second time in four years.

Also, for those who have not seen it, Champions League qualification for next year is different than it has been. Third place has become much more important, as it no longer requires a qualifying round to advance to the group stage. Now, the third place team in La Liga (as well as England, and I believe, Italy) advances automatically into the group stage. It should make us only more determined to hunt Sevilla down.