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Xerez Troubles

Well, as things don't go well for Jozy, this couldn't be too good for his current club. Apparently his current club's president Joaquin Bilbao resigned after he was arrested for his alleged involvement in a shootout at a brothel. According to reports, shots were fired at the brothel from a car, and it is thought that shots came from the driver of Bilbao's car (with Bilbao in the back seat). He has actually been released without charges, but it is not clear if he will not be charged in the future.

Surely, events like this are not good for Xerez's promotion prospects, as this is the type of event that can be the beginning of a lot of turmoil. It seems, though, that Xerez's promotion or lack thereof will not have much of an effect on Jozy, as one way or another, he won't be there for long.