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Match Thread: Betis - Villarreal

Here we go... A number of streams are available here:

FT: Match over. Disappointing draw. Villarreal could have easily had a victory, but we give up two goals and allow Betis to claw back. We needed those three points, but instead, we only pick up one. We had an opportunity to separate ourselves from 5th place, but instead we are now only 3 points up, and a full five behind Sevilla in third.

+3' Fast break for Betis. Eguren fouls Odonkor and gets a yellow. Odonkor then knocks Eguren over, and nothing happens to him. Rivera picks up a yellow, as does Godin. But NOTHING for Odonkor? It could have been a red!! But nothing! Plus, they have a free kick.

+2' Corner to Villarreal.

90' Free kick from Villarreal on the keeper's right flank. Senna is lined up to take it. Betis cleared, then Sergio Garcia has a HUGE chance on the break, but Lopez comes 15 yards out of the box to stop him! Everything was lost for a minute, but Lopez saves the day!

89' Huge save by Lopez to keep it level!

88' Fuentes gives up a free kick at the edge of the box. He got the ball, I thought play should have continued.

86' Javi Venta whifs on a pass that would have set us up nicely on the edge of the box. He looks tired. This match is heading for a draw. (hopfully nothing worse).

83' Venta tries some fancy mess, and ends up giving Betis a corner.

82' Nihat comes on for Rossi.

80' On the free kick, Senna's kick is headed on goal, but saved. On the ensuing counter by Betis, Cazorla picks up a yellow.

79' Rossi is pulled back on the break, and Melli gets a yellow for the cynical foul.

77' We have to start pushing people forward if we want to have a shot at winning this.

75' Odonkor come on for Betis for Juanma. Llorente comes on to replace Pires. Llorente immediately gets a touch, and shoots it wide.

75' Off a corner for Betis, Fuentes comes up HUGE, blocking a point-blank shot for Betis.

72' Venta earns a corner for Villarreal. Nothing comes of it.

67' Corner for Betis, cleared across for a throw by Fuentes.

65' As I say that, Senna comes on for Mati - surely a striker will be coming on soon, but I assume for the moment that Pires is moving up.

65' About time to see Senna in for Eguren, Nihat in for Mati, and perhaps Ibagaza in for Pires.

63' The match is a bit sloppy, which is opening it up for fast chances for both sides.

61' We are giving up quite a few dangerous free kicks. Here is one from 30 yards...saved by Lopez.

57' Betis find the equalizer. Some horrible marking in the box, and no one is within five yards of Oliviera when he touches into the back of the net. Terrible defense. We have to get back in this match.

55' I was wrong about Arzu - he is subbed out.

53' Beautiful defense by Javi Venta breaks up a break. But Betis are getting down the field in a hurry every time they get the ball. They know our weakness...

50' Betis gets a great chance in the box, but a save by Lopez and then an efficient clearance by Capdevila gives Betis a corner and puts Arzu on the mat. After rolling around for a minute, he gets up, and looks like he will be back on the pitch shortly.

49' Mati taken down on the EDGE of the box - could have been a penalty, but it is just a free kick. We come close with the Rossi free kick, but it is cleared and a counter the other way is broken up.

48' Huge save by Lopez, but Oliviera was offsides by half a step.

Game back on...

By the way, for those who do not know, Valencia and Malaga both fell. Unfortunately, Atletico beat Barca, which pulls them closer and into 5th place. I hope to take them down a rung or two in two weeks.

HT: Good match for Villarreal so far. When we are able to get possession, we generally sustain it with smooth passing. Cazorla has been on fire. If Rossi and Mati were a little more involved, the score could be even more impressive. The way things were going (both in this game, and our defense in general), we were bound to give up that goal. It was just a matter of time. Hopefully we can regain our defensive composure during halftime.

+2' Corner coming for Betis. A Villarreal player heads it through the box.

45' We had a great break, and Javi Venta ruined it with a terrible pass, leading to a counter for Betis. Sergio Garcia sent it just a bit over. Two minutes of stoppage time coming. Mati Fernandez is taken down 35 yards out, so a free kick is coming.

44' Cani then picks up a yellow for taking down the winger whose name I cannot remember.

43' Mark Gonzalez picks up a yellow card for running over Fuentes, giving him an elbow in the back in the process. Fuentes acts it out beautifully.

42' Betis are back in it. A beautiful turn by Sergio Garcia completely loses his defender (Godin) and Lopez had no chance. Betis 1-2 Villarreal.

41' A long ball in, which Lopez collects, but it looks like he took a shoulder to the chest from Sergio Garcia. He looks to be OK, though.

40' Free kick for Betis, and a header from Oliviera goes about a yard wide.

39' Godin goes down in a heap after banging his head. He is up, though, no blood, and should continue.

38' OOOHHHHH! Cazorla is tripped all over the place, manages to keep possession, find his way to the top of the box, and he shoots JUST wide! He is having a very good match. Santi is back!

36' GOAL CAZORLA!!!! A couple of deft passes through the middle, setting up Cazorla at the top of the box, and he slots home! Mati to Rossi to Cazorla to GOAL! Betis 0-2 Villarreal!

36' Dangerous situation all over the box, but Villarreal recovers, and no harm done.

34' Terrible, terrible cross by Capdevila after a good pass to get him down on the left flank.

32' Rossi and Mati both need to get more involved in the offense. They are waiting for things to happen, but they need to be pulling back enough to get involved.

30' Betis are having a lot more of the possession right now.

29' Free kick for Betis goes off the crossbar!

24' The way we are passing the ball, Betis is going to be exhausted in the second half. They are having to run all over the place to try and keep up. We look very good. Free kick from 40 yards, on the left flank facing the keeper...led to a loose ball in the box, but not much.

22' Shot on goal by Rossi, but an easy save.

20' I think he just got a card for going in kind of harsh, but I do not think there is a penalty.

19' Shot on goal by Cani, saved, after a clever backheel by Rossi Then, action at the other end of the pitch as Lopez takes Oliviera out getting to the ball. He got there first, but he gets a card. Surely that isn't a penalty???

17' Great cover by Diego Lopez, as Oliviera had broken clear and was about to meet a pass about 10 yards out. If Lopez didn't get there first, it could have been 1-1.

15' Bautiful, fun passing.

13' Aaahhh! Pires had a great opportunity, and he skied it into the stands.

12' We are generally looking very comfortable on the ball. Getting about 3/4 way down the field each time we get it, but then losing possession. We need to start connecting further down the pitch.

7' Great to see Mati get a start. I cannot remember his last start. Perhaps this could be what he needs to get going.

6' GOAL CAZORLA! Beautiful shot from just outside the outer corner of the 18 yard box, to the back corner of the goal. He had the keeper frozen! Betis 0-1 Villarreal!

5' Villarreal are keeping about 55-60% of the possession early. Here is the starting lineup:


Venta - Fuentes - Godin - Capdevila

Cazorla - Eguren - Cani - Pires

Rossi - Mati