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I am sure a lot of people were not happy yesterday, when they finally got to their seats at El Madrigal. It seems a problem with the turnstiles kept a number of people out in the beginning, preventing them from seeing the start of the match. And yesterday, the start of the match was (almost) everything.

Injury Update for Wednesday's match against Panathinaikos:

No major injuries popped up yesterday. The bad news, though, is in defense. Gonzalo is out for a month. Capdevila is suspended (remember the red card he picked up against Manchester United - not that Ronaldo doesn't deserve a kick or two every once in a while). And Angel is still nursing his muscle injury (although he has not yet been ruled out of the match). That leaves Bruno at left back. And if Venta, Godin, Fuentes, or Bruno go down with a knock, the only available true defender we have in backup is Cygan. I am not very reassured.

Bad news for those in the States for Wednesday's match: unless you happen to get ESPN Deportes, you will not get to see the match (unless you watch it online from UEFA or ESPN). I am sure there will be streams available, but this is the type of match that just needs to be seen in high quality.