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Match Thread: Villarreal - Sporting

Here is the only stream I have found so far: PlanetSports. Others may be available closer to the match at

FT - Villarreal 2-1 Sporting. Not 4-0, but well done, nonetheless! Three desperately needed points!

92' Corner Sporting.

90' Three minutes stoppage time.

88' For some reason Sporting has completely taken over possession over the last three minutes. We have to have these three points...

87' Still holding at 2-1. Corner to Sporting.

81' Nihat with a good free kick, but it was saved.

81' Eguren comes on for Ibagaza. Presumably Pires will move to the right.

80' Yeah, Pires has a tendency to go down a little soft!

78' Pires with a great pass to Cazorla in the box, but he is well covered and only gets a weak shot on goal. Nihat has been nowhere since he came on.

75' Pires has been playing great, but I am surprised he is still in there with the CL match midweek. I would expect to see Ibagaza or Bruno come on, but I guess not.

74' Yellow for Fuentes.

73' Cazorla shoots wide...poor shot.

65' A freshly shorn Mati Fernandez comes in for Llorente.

64' Llorente shoots just wide...

62' Llorente tried another backwards-over-his-head pass, but must have forgotten that Rossi is no longer in the game to get on the end of the pass!

61' Cani shoots just wide, as Villarreal had a couple of chances but failed to convert.

For those interested, Espanyol has taken a 0-2 lead over Barcelona in the 55th.

57' Rossi is being replaced by Nihat - presumably to keep him fresh for this week's CL match.

57' Hard shot from distance by Gijon, saved by Lopez.

56' Nihat is coming in...

53' Soft foul against Fuentes gives Sporting a good spot for a free kick.

Thanks, Kenez, for the correction on Pires - who just took a bad foul. The lineup is corrected. :)

HT: Villarreal 2-1 Sporting.

44' Yellow for Venta

36' Capdevila scores! I didn't see it, but it is now 2-1!

And I've got no stream at all now. This sucks. I will retire the live blogging, but I will update any goals. Ugh.

29' What a shot by Cani on the break! But saved!

27' Yellow card to Pedro (Sporting)

If anyone else is following this stream, I do not know if you are having the same problems I am, but I have never been so frustrated with something in my life. Could I please get 10 uninterrupted seconds of football?

20' Sporting nearly scored - Lopez was beaten with the header, but it went off the post.

And my stream seems to have been lost...but its back!!

13' Free kick in a good spot 30 yards out...Great shot by Senna, but saved by the keeper, out for a corner.

10' Cazorla is showing up in the game, which is nice to see. So far the passing has not been perfect, but it is still showing signs of improvement.

9' Replay made it clear that Javi Venta being slow to pull the line back up in the first minute kept Sporting onside for their goal.

7' Arguably could have been a penalty as Capdevila went down in the box, but Villarreal doesn't get the call.

3' Somehow, no one scored in the third minute!

2' 1-1. Wow again. This is happening fast. Pires to Cani to Rossi to slot it home and tie the match. A goal a minute and this could be a VERY interesting match!

1' 0-1 Sporting. Wow. That was a fast punch to the gut. I guess my 4-0 scoreline won't hold up. Holy crap.

Starting Lineup:


Venta - Fuentes - Godin - Capdevila

Cazorla - Pires - Senna -Cani

Llorente - Rossi