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VillarrealUSA Match Gathering in DC

Next week, when Villarreal travels to southern Madrid to take on Atletico, Sidarth and I will be welcoming anyone in or around the DC area to Summers Restaurant in Arlington, Virginia (just outside of DC, at the Court House metro stop on the Orange Line). It won't be anything big, but we are hoping that any Villarreal fans in the area join us for beers and some good soccer. The match is at 1pm eastern on Sunday.

I'll have a couple of Villarreal posters, issues of the November 23rd El Periodico Mediterraneo (following the home victory over Valladolid), and some postcards of the players that Elena Roig gave me to pass out to anyone that shows up.

And also, I have to give some extra props to Summers. I spoke with the manager, and although generally on Sunday afternoons all televisions turn to American football - this is the US, after all - he would reserve us some space and a large television for the match. Very kind of him.

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