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Quick Injury Notes

Two things worth pointing out. First, despite the great win against Levski, Villarreal lost Fuster to injury. He has a potentially torn biceps femoris and is in serious doubt for Sunday's match.

In good news, Santi should be ready on Sunday. Valverde held him out to keep him fresh, and he will likely get the start against Getafe.

Two other things:

1) Villarreal - Getafe will be on GolTV at 1pm eastern on Sunday. The VillarrealUSA banner should be hanging behind the south goal, so look for it and be proud.

2) Atletico - Villarreal will be next Sunday at 1pm eastern, and will also end up on GolTV. There will be more on this soon, but Sidarth and I are getting together at Summers in Rosslyn, just outside of DC, and everyone is invited to join us. I will have the signed Villarreal flag from my trip, and for anyone who attends, I will have a few posters of the 2009-2010 Villarreal squad to give out. I know there are some DC-based Villarreal fans out there - so show up! More to come later....