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Time to Join....

Now that VillarrealUSA is an official Villarreal CF penya, it is a great time to officially sign up as a penya member! The link is on the menu at the top of the page, and it is a simple, 3 or 4 minute form to fill out.

Unless I am directed otherwise (i.e., if Villarreal CF required its penyas to collect dues for some reason, for which I have no reason to believe they would), there are no dues associated with membership at this time. I have no reason to think that Villarreal would require dues, and if I found out that they do and you weren't interested in paying, it will be an easy opt out for you, I promise.

Membership is open to anyone, whether or not you are located in the US. I know people from all over the world stop by this site, and all of you are welcome to sign up.

None of your information will ever be shared with anyone, unless you specifically authorized it. The form requires that you provide an email address. I promise we will not start to send out a ton of emails (trust me, we are all plenty busy and have a hard enough time finding time to post, so extra emails won't be a priority). We may send out emails (with email addresses concealed) to notify you of events such as meet-ups of other penya members.

And please, if you don't mind, provide a real name, not just a name you use for comments. If you don't want to do that, no worries.

We'd love to see you join. ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!