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Match Thread: Levski Sofia - Villarreal

FINAL: Levski 0-2 Villarreal (Villarreal advance to knockout stage).

Courtesy and Jackson
Courtesy and Jackson

Note* Match updates for Betis - Villarreal B are available in the comments below.

Namely because my body is not back on a proper schedule and I fell asleep at 7:30 last night, I wasn't able to put up a proper preview for this match (and yes, the pictures and videos are coming, but probably not until Saturday). Needless to say, this is an absolutely must-win match for Villarreal, as they hope to slip by Lazio for second in the group and advancement to the knockout stages. Currently, Villarreal are barely in second in Group G, tied on six points with Lazio; the teams are even on goal differential, but Villarreal has the head to head advantage on goals between the two sides, which comes ahead of the club's general goal differential, so if the teams end up level on points, Villarreal would advance.

Today's match is against bottom-dwellers Levski Sofia, who have yet to score a goal in the group stage. They still have a remote outside chance of advancing, but only if quite a few miracles went their way, which is not going to happen.

Gonzalo is shockingly out for the match by way of suspension, so Fuentes found his way into the squad. Cazorla has returned, but whether or not he will play is completely up in the air. Llorente is out with gastroenteritis.

Goalkeepers: Diego López and Xavi Oliva.
Defenders: Fuentes, Marcano, Godin, Capdevila and Ángel.
Midfielders: Ibagaza, Bruno, David Fuster, Pires, Senna, Eguren, Cani, Cazorla and Escudero.
Forwards: Jonathan Pereira, Rossi and Nilmar.