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Highlights: Atletico 1-2 Villarreal

This is just one of those wins you want to savor for a bit.

In other news:

There is something to play for this Thursday: 120,000 euros. Villarreal has now racked up about 1.5 million euros in this European campaign, and pick up 120K for every win, and 60K for every draw. If they advance further than the initial knockout stage, the numbers look like this, round by round: 270,000 euros (last 16), 360,000 (quarters), 630,000 (semifinals), 2,000,000 (runner-up) and 3,000,000 (champions). It's not exactly Champions League money, but it's nothing to be ashamed of either.

Capdevila won't be getting any rest any time soon. He has been called up for the December 22 friendly between Argentina and Catalunya at the Camp Nou - one heck of a match, I must say.

And for those who have lost a little track of Villarreal B as of late, they are comfortably in 10th place in Segunda A. Tenth, that is, but only 3 points out a tie for a promotion spot in 3rd. They are six points ahead of the drop, and have picked up 11 points in their last five. The way things are going, I think there are going to be a few players that will have shown enough after this year to get serious consideration for next year's A team.