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Today is NOT Saturday

I have been living in an alternate universe today. I didn't have to work, and for some reason, all I could think was that today was Saturday, and that the match was tomorrow. Obviously, that isn't the case, which I realized halfway through the match preview I was writing. I spent 15 minutes going through Villarreal's website looking for the traveling squad....

Anyway, a couple of important things to catch up on. First of all, Cani's red card was reversed. That should give Valverde a little more depth in midfield, especially if he is planning on going with three offensive midfielders, as Kqql suggests.

And in other news, Ibagaza is getting old. He came back for a great match against Levski, but after picking up a bruise to the thigh - a bruise! - he is out until 2010. That means he will miss Sunday's match, as well as the meaningless midweek jaunt against Salzburg, and then the mandatory win at home against lowly Racing.

I'll be back tomorrow - SATURDAY - with a match preview.