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Jozy: Birthday, Rumors, and Sheep

I know the first comment from quite a few of you might be that there is very little chance of seeing Jozy Altidore sporting a yellow kit again, but he's a great guy and will always be associated with the history of the club. On that note, Jozy will be hitting the big 2-0 (that's twenty, as in years) on Friday. Feliz Cumpleanos from VillarrealUSA, Senor Altidore!

Jozy is continuing to see some playing time with Hull City, who are sitting in the drop zone in England at the moment. So far he has made 8 appearances for the club, with his most promising showing still having been his beautiful assist seconds into his first appearance. Unfortunately for Jozy, Hull are a bit unstable at the moment. The result of the problems at the club mean that they may not be able to make his loan deal into a permanent move following the season. We will have to wait and see, because one way or another, his future is tied to Villarreal.

On a brighter note, we all know that Jozy Altidore got in a little trouble with his twitter account a few weeks ago when he informed the world that he was held out of the Hull squad for a match because he showed up late. Well, his twittering has continued to be entertaining, this time in video-mode, as he ran into a little sheep trouble. Nick, I am sure that is an every day occurrence in your neck of the woods?

On Villarreal news, the players had a welcomed day off today. Valverde decided they had earned their salaries this weekend, so gave them a day to recuperate.

Giuseppe Rossi's second goal of the season, so long in coming, was a bit of history. He became the highest-scoring "Italian" in La Liga history, passing Christian Vieri.