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Match Thread : Villarreal v Valladolid

UPDATE: Match Highlights

Game to kick off shortly! Be on the lookout for Maddi's banner, I've no idea whereabouts it will be though! There are several different variations of lineups on AS and Marca so I'm not sure which is correct! I have to go get something to eat but I'll be back shortly!

6' - Goooooooooool! Nilmar! Great wing play from Escudero and Nilmar heads in his inch perfect start! Great start!

22' - Rossi gets booked for diving in the box, have to say he deserved it. Nilmar is terrorizing their backline!

26' - Escudero playing well, just showed some great skill to control and pass on a ball

31' - Rossi definitely should have had a penalty there!!!

32' - The team looks very balanced. Bruno, Escudero and Capdevila on the left and Senna, Pires and Venta on the right. All combining well. We are entrenched in Valladolid territory at the minute

35' - Been very good so far, second goal before half time would be nice

42' - Javi Venta comes off injured, don't know what it was but he signalled to the bench. Angel coming on.

HT - Bit of ping pong in the Valladolid box just there after the keeper made a good save from Nilmar. A Vallodolid counter attack followed but it was stopped by a crunching tackle from Marcano. He's doing well, Godin and Marcano for first choice?

Also I have to mention the skills of Rossi and Escudero, their close control is wonderful and they've had some delgithful little touches. Anyone spot the banner at all? My streams too blurry!

Just thought I'd mention too that Tottenham are winning 8-1 against Wigan! 8-1! Jermaine Defoe with 5 goals!

In some news relating to ex Villarreal players, Guille Franco scored for West Ham yesterday, Pascal Cygan was sent off for Cartegena today and Mati Fernandez is currently Sporting Lisbon's top scorer with 3 goals. It goes without saying that Sporting are not having the best of seasons.

47' - Goooooooooooooooooool! Nilmar again! Long ball over the top, defense asleep and Nilmar heads it over the keeper beautifully!

56' - 3-0 Rossssssi!!! Sublime link up with Escudero after a huge kick from Lopez, Rossi flicked it down to the latter who then flicked it back over the top to Rossi who blasted it home. We're in complete control.

60' - I had to jinx it didn't I? A poor backpass from Marcano allows Diego Costa to round Lopez and finish well from a tight angle. Unfortunate for Marcano as he's had a solid game! 3-1

64' - Ex-Villarreal man Cesar Arzo comes on to a warm reception from the home crowd.

67' - Fantastic save from Lopez after a powerful half volley from Manucho. Valladolid are playing better at the minute.

68' - Escudero comes off for Fuster. Two assist's, not a bad days work from him.

83' - Games died down a bit, Eguren comes on for Senna

And there we have it, full time. Good team performance. Front two were dangerous, midfield was always on top and the back four were good apart from one lapse of concentration. 3 goals, 3 points! Maddi picked the right game to go see anyway! See you guys later!