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Check It Out

A little late, I admit, but the new and improved squad page is up and running. Check it out with the link on the banner.

I am on the verge of my pilgrimage to Vila-real. Beginning tomorrow, I am heading from Baltimore to New York to Madrid to Valencia to Vila-real. My flight will actually take me from tomorrow night through to the following morning, but I will get there on Saturday, ready for an overdose of Villarreal CF and paella.

While I am gone I plan on collecting tons of pictures, videos, and friends for the website. Expect visual tours of El Madrigal and Vila-real, shots from training, and, if I am lucky, some video messages from some of the team.

On Sunday, we will hang the VillarrealUSA banner before the Valladolid match, and that night, I will meet with a number of members of Els Flamencs Grocs, the Belgian penya, with the support of the penyas in Slovakia and Finland who could not make the trip, and the penya currently in the formation stage in Holland, to discuss the future for Villarreal's international penyas. And on that subject, check out the new official online community for Villarreal - There is a new link in the VillarrealWeb on the right-hand column of this site.

It will be a busy week....