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This Is Getting Ridiculous!

Nilmar bagged another goal, leading Brazil to another victory today, this time over Oman. It seems that he just can't stop scoring for the Samba boys - once he puts on the other yellow shirt, he becomes almost unstoppable in front of goal. Against Oman, he scored in the 4th minute, and had an 11th minute goal called back for offsides.

He has been on fire for Brazil as of late, scoring a hat trick in September, along with three goals in his last four matches. Considering his generally uneventful run of form for Villarreal, we can only hope that he can bring a little bit of whatever water it is he is drinking before the international matches back with him to Spain.

As a side note, next week while in Spain, I will be interviewed by Radio Vila-real, and possibly, from what I am told, by VillarrealTV. Luckily, I will be able to do it in English, with the help of an interpreter. I look forward to spreading the word about the new penya, VillarrealUSA, as well as the supporters back home and around the world. I will try to post links here when I know a little more about it, but the website for Radio Vila-real is