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The Future for VillarrealUSA

You may have noticed a slight change to the header image at It isn't a permanent change, but it is done to share in the efforts of the Spanish penyas who are working together this week to form a mosaic at El Madrigal for the match against Tenerife, which will say, "Ahora más que nunca estamos con vosotros." It is in difficult times like these where fans like us are more important than ever to the club.

Soon, VillarrealUSA will become one of the official international penyas for Villarreal CF. I will have a lot more information here in the upcoming weeks following my trip to Vila-Real to watch the Valladolid match and meet with the team, members of the Villarreal CF management, and representatives from other Villarreal penyas.

One of the goals for the VillarrealUSA penya will be to provide some organization here in the United States. Those of us here at will look to you, our fellow fans of Villarreal CF here in the United States (and abroad!), for ideas concerning the future of organized support for the club here in the United States.

For now, you can check out the progress being made at, a new site that will provide a homebase for Villarreal penyas in Spain and across the globe.

So, tell us what you think, give us your ideas, and, when the opportunity comes up to officially join the VillarrealUSA penya, be one of the first!