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Injury Update

It was mentioned in the comments below, but Villarreal are facing a major injury to Santi Cazorla for the second time in 2009. Cazorla has a herniated disc in his back, a very painful injury, and is out at minimum two to three weeks. He is going to receive conservative treatment by a well-known specialist in Jaen, and surgery is not considered an option at the moment. Perhaps this will be an opportunity, as Cazorla's last injury was, for Cani to show his good side.

Diego Godin has been playing through serious pain in his ankle over the past few weeks, and will finally get a break this Thursday against Puertollano. He has been diagnosed with traumatic arthritis in the middle tarsus of his foot. Arthritis isn't something that goes away, so this will have to be managed for the rest of his career.

The good news Villarreal is that there is a real possibility that Ibagaza may be available on the weekend. He will return to training either today or Thursday after a lengthy time away.

Other News:

Giuseppe Rossi spent an extra hour following training yesterday practicing shots on goal. Perhaps we will see the effect of that this weekend.

Villarreal B's upcoming match against Real Betis may be postponed. Many Betis players have come down with an apparent bout with the seasonal flu.

Manuel Pellegrini probably only has a short time left at Real Madrid. The 4-0 embarrassment against Alcorcón. Florentino Perez has questioned him in the media, and once the axe starts flying around the White House, there is only so much time before the manager finds himself out of a job.

Interesting notes to this story:

a) Diego Lopez was loaned out to Alcorcón in 2001/2002 from Real Madrid.

b) Alcorcón wears all yellow: