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Pick n Mix

Just a small jumble of Villarreal related info that I have come across lately

Remember Tiago Dutra who is on loan at Maccabi Haifa? Well he got some game time in their 1-0 loss to Juventus in the Champions League this evening. Unfortunately he didn't make a very good impression, here's his rating courtesy of

Dutra - 1: Went onto the pitch with no other aim but to apparently break an opponent's legs. Should have seen red for the foul that put Melo out of the game, and was finally dismissed for his leg-breaker on Chiellini.

Hmm not very impressive from our young Brazilian. Still he's young and can learn and least he's playing in the Champions League which seems very far away from us at the moment.

Robert Pires' spat got a mention in Tim Stannard's excellent La Liga Loca column (see recommended sites), as always he made light of the situation! Finally Jefferson Montero got a mention in another column that I read, this one being Tim Vickery's (Link) and I quote

Jefferson Montero, with his ability to drift past his marker on either flank, is a potential genius.

Sounds promising? Unfortunately Ecuador wont be going to the World Cup so he'll miss out on that. Maybe we will see him get the nod for the first team sooner rather than later.

That's all I stumbled upon lately that and endless headlines making use of the words 'submarine' and 'sunk/torpedoed/etc..' We really must beat Lazio, a team that I somewhat admire and it will be no easy task. However maybe better opposition will force us to lift our game and we've already thumped one Italian side this season. That 4-0 over Juventus and the promise it showed seems a long time ago! Still we must be positive! Onwards and upwards!