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Notes for a Derby

As Villarreal prepare to take on Valencia, finally someone is making sense: Eguren has called on Villarreal to stop waiting until they are "slapped" to start playing, and come out and give the first blow. Perhaps Valencian president Soriano calling for a 0-6 win by Valencia could be enough to do it.

Our chances against the local rivals are a bit better follwing their loss of consciousness against Racing Santander. Miguel and Vicente both picked up red cards, meaning they will miss the weekend tilt. Also, the mere fact that Valencia were active midweek could put Villarreal at an advantage in terms of endurance.

Villarreal still face Javi Venta's injury, which hurts our depth on the right side. He is not expected to be back for the weekend. Sebastian Viera trained in the gym yesterday, but he is expected to be ready for Saturday. Jozy Altidore is also healthy, and will be available if Pellegrini calls on him.