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No News

Villarreal have two days of rest, as they will not return to practice until Tuesday to begin preparation for the match against Deportivo, who fell 0-1 at El Bernabeu today.

In good news for us in the standings, all of our closest rivals (Valencia, Sevilla, Atletico) for Champions League positions (not writing Madrid off, but right now they are well ahead) all lost or drew today (Mallorca 3-1 Valencia; Sevilla 0-2 Racing; Malaga 1-1 Atletico), so Villarreal maintain 5th place, tied on points with Valencia.

An interesting note, it was a weekend for players sloughed off by the "big" teams - Zigic scored for Racing Santander (his second goal in three starts with his old club, after a middling year at Valencia), and Roberto Soldado knocked in a hat trick for Getafe (he has now scored 6 for the Madrid subsidiary, not having scored at all last year for Real Madrid).

Hopefully there will be some news tomorrow, but as of right now, that is all I am seeing.