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Rossi Offers Himself to Milan?

Rossi's agent, Fedorico Pastorello, has apparently offered Rossi to Milan in case Kaka heads off to Manchester City. Of course, it looks almost assured now that Kaka is not going anywhere. Pastorello is noted to have said that "With Rossi, Galliani and Berlusconi would guarantee a player with a great future for five or six years."

I don't think there is any chance Rossi will leave before summer, but I have a hard time believing he will be around at the beginning of 2009-2010. With many players (i.e., Juan Pablo Sorin, Jose Enrique), seeing them move on really bothers me, as they move on to clubs on similar levels which only appear to be moves for money. Rossi, though, I can't help but support wherever he goes. Of course, I would love to see him spend his career in Yellow, but I will be behind him as he moves on to his "big club".