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Happy New Year!

It is a new year for everyone - including Villarreal. Might we be able to turn the tide with our first match of the season? It seems that the players think so: Pires, Rossi, Javi Venta, Lopez, Senna and Nihat have all come out with predictions that the Yellow Submarine can realize its first win in the Bernabeu in the 10 years it has been in La Liga.

A bit of news has come up which will help Villarreal this weekend: Gonzalo Higuain is likely out with tonsilitis. That can't hurt.

Also, we may be into a bit of money. If Madrid purchases the rights to Luis Antonio Valencia, the former holding of Villarreal, Villarreal will be entitled to 25% of the price above 5 million euros. In other words, if hte rumored 17 million euro price is correct, Villarreal will receive 25% of 12 million (in other words, 3 million euros). Not bad, although looking back, perhaps Valencia is one that we allowed to slip through our fingers.

Sorry I have not been posting as much - the winter break does not provide a lot of news to run with, and I have been in and out of town. In fact, this weekend, I will be off for a nice solitary hike in the mountains (hills) of Pennsylvania. I will, however, have a match preview and an open thread for the match, so no worries. Unfortunately, I will have to record the match and watch it upon my return to civilization.