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Heading Out?

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As I mentioned the other day, Fuentes is on his way out of Vila-Real, one way or another. It is unclear if he will leave this winter or if it will be in the upcoming summer. Apparently, Fabricio has a contract offer for three years back in Argentina, and has requested to be able to take that option. The club have declined to this point, though, determining that Fuentes is necessary to progress through the rest of the season.

Obviously, if he is sold during the winter, Villarreal will have to purchase some depth. I would be somewhat surprised if Cygan gets any more playing time this year unless there is a major injury issue.

Edmilson has come out with a mild complaint about playing time - saying, in essence, that if he does not get more playing time than he has had of late, he will be moving on after the year is out. He was actually quite respectful with his request, stating that he would prefer to leave the club without more time on the pitch, and that he does not want to be a problem for the club, coach, or the fans.

Well, Edmilson has pretty much dug his own grave. His poor play has lost any real opportunity he had of becoming a starter. He knew he had a difficult challenge, going up against the likes of Senna, Eguren, and Bruno in a packed midfield. But he did step it up over the weekend, so perhaps he can play his way into position. I would not mind seeing him in a backup role in central defense, but I am sure that if he would fit there then Pellegrini would give him the chance.

Finally, a quick injury note: Bruno tweaked his left ankle during practice. He is likely to be ready to go for the weekend, but will train separately for the next two days.