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Other Thoughts...

A couple of other things. As I mentioned during the game the day, Eguren's yellow card meant that he now has five - and thus Villarreal faces another suspension. Luckily, Senna will be back, and after this match, the two of them will have clean slates.

Speaking of Senna, he has been called out a bit in the press. Nothing too hard, but at least one commentator mentioned that Senna is "not indespensible". Perhaps this is what he needs. I think two things have been major drags on his play as of late: exhaustion and ego. He is exhausted because he is older and he played all summer and he gets exhausted around this time every year. He has a huge ego because everyone has been putting him in their best 11 of 2008. He got two weeks worth of rest, thanks to his suspension, and now, perhaps, he will feel the need to come out and play with a little more heart, since he was called out by a local newsman.

Finally, it wasn't noted here, but it was elsewhere, that Villarreal's 500th goal in the Primera came thanks to high-flying striker Fabricio Fuentes. That is something he will always be in the history books for. And, I have to say, if anyone had asked me prior to the match who I thought was most likely to score the 500th goal, I would have put almost everyone - including injured Nihat and suspended Senna - ahead of him in terms of odds. Perhaps he would have beaten out Pascal Cygan on my betting card.