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Injury Report!

The best injury report in ages! Gonzalo tweaked the meniscus in his right knee, and should be back for the weekend's match at home against Mallorca. It is the same twice-injured knee that has given him problems throughout the last few years, but none of the ligaments were bothered at all.

Nihat is a little more doubtful for this week, having a case of synovitis in his left knee. Synovitis is a swelling of the joint, usually with fluid accumulation. The good news is that it is nothing serious, and even if he has to miss this week's match, he should be back the following weekend.

Javi Venta is back! Although it is yet to be known whether he will be fit enough to make the weekend cut, his ankle is back to 100%, and he is working at full strength. If he regains his fitness, he should be in the weekend's call.