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Fernandez and Chile succumb to Brazil

Matias started for Chile in their 0 - 3 home defeat to Dunga's Brazil. By all news reports and from forum posters on Pasion Por La Roja Mati was Chile's best player . However some were critical that he only played in patches. Here are a few of the quotes (be advised they are translated from Spanish!) :

Matí Fernández – 7: A lively performance. Was marauding all over the pitch early in the game and provided plenty of ammunition for the forwards with some decent through balls and crosses.

Mati Fernandez: One of the best games that I have seen him play. if somebody deserved a goal it was him.

In the first 15 minutes it seems that Finally it appeared that Mati de Colo Colo 2006, but little by little one went away diluting. We cannot continue waiting for it by more time.

FERNANDEZ: for moments there were sparks q deluded several, rabonas, passes and centers. .though little by little went away extinguishing

Matias ..... mobility, technique but it needs to be the one of before

Notice a pattern? Still not the complete performance, but the flashes of brilliance are starting to increase. It seems like he's done enough to get another start against Colombia on Wednesday but you never know with 'El Loco' Bielsa in charge.

Edit - I decided to do some more reading of the match threads, here's what they were posting in the early stages of the match :

ESE ES MATÍAS !!!!!!!!!!! = THIS IS MATIAS!!!!!!


VAMOS MATI !!!!!!!!!! = see above

ESTA VOLVIENDO EL MATI DE COLO COLO = The Mati of Colo Colo has returned

VOLVIO EL MATÍAS DEL 2006 !!!!!!!!! = The Mati of 2006 is back!

VOLVIO MATIAS??? = Mati's back?

Then the comments like that began to tail off, but if thats only 15 minutes of his best, what would a full 90 minutes be like?