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Internationals Update

Villarreal players had a substantially productive day today. Sebastian Eguren and Diego Godín were successful with Uruguay - in fact, Eguren scored the lone goal of the match in the 14th minute to give Uruguay the win. Both Eguren and Godín played the entire match.

All three Spanish internationals played in Spain's 1-0 victory over Bosnia. Senna nearly scored with an adventurous kick from about 30 yards out. Here are's player rankings for Senna and Capdevila (no ranking for Cazorla).

Joan Capdevila: 6 - Nowhere near as effective as he has been in previous games either down the wing or at set pieces, but he did just about enough to stay on.

Marcos Senna: 7 - Had a fizzing shot that hit the crossbar and sat in the midfield and won so many balls. A higher mark had he had more to play against.