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Match Notes


Villarreal played a friendly against El San Rafael del Río today. Many of the Villarreal squad were off with international duty for upcoming matches this weekend, but Villarreal did have a full squad available.

Goalkeepers: Diego Lopez and Viera.
Defenders: Javi Venta, Ángel, Cygan, Fuentes, Mario and Kiko.
Midfielders: Bruno, Edmilson, Cani, Ibagaza, Feliciano Condesso and Paco Montañés.
Strikers: Guille Franco, Llorente, and Altidore.

I am interested to see Condesso in the call-ups. The 21-year old Portuguese midfielder is playing for the B Squad, and was transferred from Southampton last summer. I believe this will be his first appearance of any kind with the team.

I will have the final score, as well as info on how much Altidore got to play, when I get it. Who knows, perhaps a 6 or 7 goal effort can recussitate the Villarreal strikeforce.

And lastly, the Deportivo match will be Sunday at 5pm local time, 11am eastern time. Not clear yet whether the match will be on GolTV in the States, but I think it will be. It has to compete with a few other matches for airtime - Málaga-Athletic, Recreativo-Espanyol, Getafe-Betis, and Mallorca-Osasuna- but I can comfortably say more teams will be interested in Villarreal-Deportivo. Who knows, this might be the first opportunity for those in the States to catch Jozy in yellow!

UPDATE - Villarreal dominate.

Villarreal started the match with Altidore out front: Viera; Ángel (Mario), Fuentes, Cygan, Javi Venta; Cani, Edmilson, Bruno, Ibagaza; Guille (Llorente) and Altidore. Those needed 6 or 7 goals? Got 'em, courtesy of Altidore (3), Guille (2), Ibagaza (1), and, I believe, an own-goal. Final score was 1-7.

Great match for Jozy. I doubt it will earn him playing time in the next match, but who knows. I do not know how much time Llorente was in the match, but he needs to get out of his funk in a hurry. At least Guille reappeared. After scoring two today, I would be surprised if it wasn't Guille and Rossi (assuming he is available) up front in the home opener.