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Quick Update

Thanks to Nick for holding down the site while I was in the process of moving. I am finally getting back to full speed. A few things news-wise for Villarreal this week:

  • Strikers recovering at different speeds. Rossi should be back for the United match coming up on September 17th. (I am not sure of Nick's source on that, but I trust him ;) ) I am sure he will be eager to impress at his former club. Nihat, on the other hand, has been training with the team, but does not expect to come back for a month. With Rossi back, it will not be as big of a loss, but we need him back in a big way.
  • Godín did not get his red card overturned. Thus, he will miss the next game (home vs. Depor a week from Sunday).
  • Villarreal's non-internationals will play a friendly on Friday against El Syntech San Rafael. I know very little about the club, other than what is in the linked article. They have been promoted each of the last two years, and currently play in the Regional Preferente.