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Villarreal - Deportivo Live Blog

Great match for Villarreal. For most of the match, it was much bigger that 1-0, they just couldn't quite make that reflect on the scoreboard. If Villarreal takes this attitude, this skill and patience, and a little desire into Manchester, a result could be very possible. ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!

94' And that should be it! Villarreal takes it! 1-0!

93' Last minutes...just hold on...

92' Great work by Altidore to keep possession in the corner. He has had a very nice half.

90' SANTI! So close! Just wide. Three minutes of stoppage.

89' Jozy had tried that one too many times! His attempt to circumnavigate the defender gets shut down.

88' Depor gets a free kick on the wing. Too close for comfort, but a goal kick now in the 89th.

82' Senna is down in the box. Looks like he took a shot to the cajones. Ouch.

81' Cani is in for Llorente. So I guess Senna will nto come off the pitch today. I hope he is ready for Wednesday.

78' Llorente wins a free kick in the corner. Although he hasn't finished anything off yet, he has looked great today.

75' Altidore drives into the box, but lets it off without getting a shot. He is showing a lot of skill on the ball, turning defenders over on themselves.

74' Look at Venta charging hard down the sideline! Bad touch by Jozy, and then he commits a foul in the box.

72' I think my favorite thing about Villarreal is how they walk the ball out of danger, rather than flubbing it downfield and giving up possession.

68' Pires on for Ibagaza. Great to see that he is healthy! Lafita on for Depor.

67' Fuentes takes the yellow, to prevent an attack. Goltv said it was Gonzalo, but it was Fuentes.

67' Pires!?!

66' Bruno needs to come on. Senna is tired, and our possession is suffering for it.

64' Looks like Llorente took a cut on his leg, but not enough to put him out of the match.

61' Jozy shoots on goal, saved by the keeper and it skirts just wide!

58' Not Jozy's finest moment, as he bundles it over the touch. But Villarreal gets possession back, and Ibagaza puts it JUST wide!

57' Sub for Depor. Mista off, Mexican Omar Bravo on.

56' AAAAHHHH! Capdevila with a touch shot from right at the post, and it is saved. Tremendous pressure from Villarreal. How long until it is 2?

55' Jozy makes a great move, takes it into the box and centers for Cazorla who is blocked. Another corner.

53' Jozy wins a corner.

52' Deportivo stops a Villarreal attack by feigning injury right at the top of the box. Poor form.

51' Villarreal gets a free kick in on the left wing.

49' Villarreal are everywhere on the pitch. Deportivo seems to make a run, and it is well covered. Deportivo change. Tomas is off, Valeron on for Deportivo.

48' Jozy seems to be playing the point, with Llorente a bit behind him.

46' WRONG AM I! Jozy is in for Guile to start the half.

Half. No changes expected to start the half. If we can add a goal, I would like to see Senna get some time off - Bruno could replace him nicely. And Capdevila for that matter as well - perhaps Angel?

45' No extra time, and it is half. Villarreal 1-0 Deportivo. Great half!

42' That is just beautiful football. And Guille's shot is blocked.

40' We will try it again.

39' Corner for Villarreal...and nothing.

37' Great chance in the box is saved, and then soft play in the box gives it away. But good pressure...

35' Very glad Pellegrini's mother is doing better.

32' Villarreal are taking control. A powerful attack, and the ball is laid back for Senna who blasts it just over!!

29' Llorente's shot is saved on a good attack!

28' IT was a beautiful left-footed shot from just outside the box. He had crossed over onto the left attacking side, and put it past the keeper's right side low.


25' Villarreal allows a Depor striker clear through, but his shot is blocked by a recovering defender (Gonzalo?)

24' How can you not love that small-ball passing up the field? Beautiful!

23' Llorente is just off a nice pass into the box, and it is covered by the keeper.

18' And Juan Rodriguez is rewarded with a yellow for another foul on Senna.

16' Another yellow, this one to Deportivo's Tomas.

15' Save by Diego Lopez on a headed shot off a corner.

12' I say that, then Senna goes and picks up a yellow...I can say pretty definitively he meant to throw that elbow...

11' Too much writing, not enough watching, so I am going to settle in a watch a bit...(any major events will be listed here, of course)

9' Guille picks up a yellow for a questionable call on a "dive" in the box.

8' Here's a live stream if you need it: Stream.

7' Foul on Senna at midfield.

6' Edmilson way off target from distance.

5' Pellegrini is definitely on the sideline!

4' Both teams showing some solid possession in midfield, but no ability to put things front and center.

2' Foul on Gonzalo, giving Depor a free kick about 25 yards out....No danger.

1' Game on! Finally getting to watch the Yellow Submarine live this season! It has been way too long.

Deportivo Lineup: Daniel Aranzubía; Alberto Lopo, Ze Castro, Filipe Kasmirski, Laure; Sergio, Julian de Guzman A. Tomas, Pablo Álvarez, Christian, Juan Rodriguez; Mista.

Villarreal Lineup: Diego Lopez; Javi Venta, Gonzalo, Cygan Fuentes, Capdevila; Cazorla, Senna, Bruno Edmilson, Ibagaza; Llorente and Guille. So, assuming this lineup is correct, Jozy is the only true striking player left on the bench - expect him to come in.

Check back here for a liveblog of the match....