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Other Club News

Villarreal surpassed the 20,000 season-ticket-holder mark, reaching 20,017 before the home opener. A truly incredible number, when you consider the town only has 50,000 inhabitants - it is the equivalent of selling 200,000 season tickets in a city of a half-million people.
Also, the club officially introduced the "new" El Madrigal, with more seats, controlled-access, high-security visitor seating (the first of its kind in the world), and new corporate boxes. Needless to say, it has been a good couple of days for Fernando Roig. He should be proud of his club and his city.

Injury News:

Great news for Nihat - he could be back in 10 to 15 days, once he is back in shape. In mixed-bag news, Rossi and Angel were pulled out of practice on Wednesday, both experiencing some discomfort (the bad news). The good news is that they are both expected to be ready to go on Sunday against Deportivo La Coruna, which will be huge for the squad. Pires, though, will still be out, and is hoping to return in time for the trip to Manchester.