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Live Blog: West Ham v. Villarreal

I do not have it on television here, but is liveblogging the match.

Update: At halftime, the score is 1-1. West Ham scored 53 seconds into the match. After that, from what I can tell, Villarreal got back into the match pretty quickly, but it took until the 36th minute for Cazorla to even the match.

Update2: The match ended 1-1, and turned out to be quite fiesty. Josico saw time on the pitch for the last 7 minutes, which is interesting.

The lineup for the match was: Lopez; Javi Venta, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Diego Godin, Joan Capevila; Senna, Eguren; Cazorla, Mati, Pires, Guillermo Franco.

At half time, Bruno, Edmilson, Ibagaza and Cani came on for Capdevila, Senna, Cazorla and Mati. Later, Llorente came on for Franco, and Ángel came on for Javi Venta. Towards the end of the match, Cygan came in for Godin, and Josico came on for Eguren.

The teams will share the Bobby Moore Cup, which is probably kind of appropriate.