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Injury News, Travelling Squad

Some positive news on the injury front: Villarreal enjoyed the presence of Pires and Ibagaza yesterday, with Cani still working out alone waiting for his knee to heal.

The team left for London for Saturday's friendly match against West Ham United. The team travels light on strikers, with only Llorente and Guille available, but with plenty of midfielders - which in all likelihood means another match in the 4-2-3-1 lineup.

But the team also brings in three well-known faces: Senna, Cazorla, and Capdevila. All three return to full competitiveness with the squad, although it would be surprising to see any of them go the full ninety in the match honoring Bobby Moore. It will be great to get them back with the rest of the team, though.

The lineup for Saturday's matchup is as follows:
Keepers: Diego Lopez and Viera;
Defenders: Javi Venta, Gonzalo, Ángel, Bruno, Godin, Cygan, Fuentes and Capdevila;
Midfielders: Josico, Marcos Senna, Pires, Edmilson, Mati Fernandez, Cani, Cazorla, Ibagaza and Eguren;
Strikers: Guille Franco and Llorente.

So, great to see Cani back in the fold as well, but look at that huge number of midfielders. I am surprised Josico is making the trip, with the club hoping to see a deal made with Fenerbace. I would be shocked if he plays.