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Result : Osasuna 1 - 1 Villarreal

Apologies for not having in any reports during the game but I completely missed it myself. On the result, I said it would be tricky and it proved to be. We took the lead through a Marcos Senna free kick in the 54th minute but all went pear shaped when Diego Godin gave a way a penalty in the 69th minute. He also received a red card for the professional foul. Nekounam duly slotted the penalty away for Osasuna leaving the game at 1-1. Miguel Flano was then red carded for Osasuna after a bad foul on Llorente.

So that's how the game finished, not a disaster but having taken the lead it is a slight disappointment. We lined out as follows :

Diego Lopez

Javi Venta - Gonzalo - Godin - Capdevila

Senna - Eguren

Santi - Ibagaza

Guille - Llorente

Mati replaced Guille on 66' and Fuentes came on for Ibagaza in the 71st minute following Godin's dismissal. So no debut for Jozy. I'm not too disheartened with this result, many teams will come a cropper in Pamplona this season and at least we can say we are off the mark. I'm not too happy about Pellegrini's formation though, Ibagaza cannot play on the wing, he is most definitely a central player and to get the best of him we need him in the centre. I'll try and get some highlights to get a better idea of what happened. Anyone see the game? If you did do share you're thoughts.

Pellegrini reckons that it wasn't a penalty, in his post match chat he said he thought that it was outside the box. He also said that he was happy with the teams performance and that they played some good football.