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Marca, never to be trusted.

Now after the whole Cazorla to Madrid escapade ( in which Cazorla tricked the paper into believing he wanted to go to Real also fooling Real's president Ramon Calderon at the same time) my distrust of anything printed by Marca strengthened. They really will print anything.

Yesterday they came up with a story suggesting that Jozy Altidore was on his way to Real Valladolid on loan and that he had already said goodbye to his team mates at dinner. I found this rumour very confusing considering our injury problems in that department at the moment. Today Marca have come up with another story saying that the move would not be possible because Valladolid have already filled up their 3 non-Eu slots. The only thing is that Jozy does not come under the non-eu ruling. Nice one Marca! So a move is possible alright but the way it's been reported makes me feel very skeptical that any such thing would happen. They came up with a daft story and then further embarrassed themselves when they tried to rescind it.