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Transfer Whirlwind


Suddenly, with mere days left in the transfer window, the Santi Cazorla rumors have churned up the transfer mud, and the waters are anything but clear. It looks like Cazorla has renewed his contract with Villarreal. There is a press conference at 1pm (7am eastern) to announce the new deal. Assuming all of this is correct, Cazorla will have some explaining to do to his teammates.

UPDATE: Cazorla renews with Villarreal for six years!

While it looked like Cazorla was on his way out the door, Villarreal was linked to Sergio Garcia (not the golfer) of Zaragoza. Would be an interesting move, but with Cazorla back in the fold, it would seem unlikely.

...That is, unless the rumor that Altidore is on his way to Valladolid on loan is true. According to Marca, Altidore has already said goodbye to the other Villarreal players at a team dinner. Surely, Pellegrini would not let him go unless he had another striker lined up, with the status of our strikeforce. That is, unless he is confident of Nihat returning in two weeks. But it seems incredibly risky for these first two games considering the effectiveness Franco and Llorente have shown.

Also, it looks like Josico will make the long-rumored transfer to Fenerbahce. This should clear up a little space in midfield, but his leadership will be missed. Good luck to him.