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Rossi and Altidore

Thank you to Chuck, who posted an English translation of this El Periodico Mediterraneo article on a previous post. I was going to put it up here earlier, and work got in the way! A great article, though, about the relationship of Jozy and Rossi. They have not had much time to work together, but you can imagine their relationship on the field will continue to grow. Perhaps the answer for our goalscoring woes?

OLYMPIC REINFORCEMENTS - Altidore and Rossi, who've scored in the Games, are presented as the solution in front of goal.

The Yankee connection. Giuseppe Rossi and Jozy Altidore are presented as the solution to the inaccuracy problem of the team that Manuel Pelligrini directs. Exactly as the Chilean has been shown, through the week, worried about the lack of scoring the Submarine have displayed in their pre-season encounters.

The manager has tested infinite different combinations for the attack, but none has finished on the nail (?). Llorente has fought for a great number of minutes, but hasn't adapted 100% to the team, while Guille Franco hasn't found his ideal partner. Since the Turkish Nihat was injured at the Euros, Pelligrini hasn't found the magic goal-scoring formula.

The Beijing Olympics showed the way. Not in vain, Jozy Altidore--of the United States-- and Giuseppe Rossi-- with Italy-- put on display their enormous quality, the Italian being one of the leading scorers of the tournament. Despite that, Rossi couldn't avoid the rout of his team by Belgium in a quarterfinal match in which the Villarreal forward was able to score two goals, that yes, were insufficient because the Belgians scored three.

INSEPERABLE FRIENDS. Rossi, who lived his early years in the U.S., and Jozy Altidore, American by birth, form an inseperable duo both on and off the field. The ongoing language barrier has favored Altidore to be supported by Rossi at the moment of integrating into the group. "He's my best friend. He's helping me out a lot in the locker room and, besides, we have a lot in common," Jozy commented.

It's fitting to emphasize the ages of both players-- Altidore is 19 and Rossi is 21-- assure the high goal-scoring future of the team, keeping in mind the two forwards are both members of their national teams.

FUTBOL IN THE VEINS. Rossi has shown delight in the signing of the American. "We complement each other very well, he has some different characteristics than mine and I believe that we're gonna give a good result together."

The Italian began playing futbol in the United States thanks to his Italian-born father who was also his coach. A passion for the ball that he also shares with Altidore, who has played "soccer" practically since he began to walk due to his father, a native of Haiti, being an unconditional fan of the sport. The attacking pair can be lethal in the not so distant future. "I hope he stays for a long time because it's going to be very good for us. It's a great acquisition for Villarreal, they've verified it in full," Rossi assures. Curiously, they both lived very close to each other as kids. "We lived about 10 minutes apart by car, in the same state. That is practically to the side (neighbors?), keeping in mind how large New York is," the Italian recalls.

In turn, Altidore is confident in the connection between them that will bear a lot of fruit for Villarreal: "In Beijing, we knew each other, but in a few days we've become very friendly." They are the Olympic reinforcements.