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Reluctant Return

On my part, that is. Four consecutive defeats are a little deflating, to say the least. But, the season has not even begun yet, so we can't write our boys off so soon. Despite the losses, the club has continued on, and developments have occurred.

Senna has signed a new deal, extending his term with the club for another year, thus quelling Fener's chances at swooping in and stealing him away. His buy out clause is now a ridiculous 100m euros, so do not expect anyone to be buying him away anytime soon unless the club wants to sell. is reporting that Pires, Ibagaza and Viera are out of the first week's match against Osasuna.

As Kqql notes in a previous comment, Rossi ended the Olympics with the Fifa Golden Shoe award, his four goals leading the tournament. And before someone starts to complain that three were on penalties, he drove that team, and his one goal in the run of play was spectacular.

And finally, the first match of the season will but Sunday, August 31 at 7pm local time, 1pm eastern. Perhaps a week away will rejuvenate the team.