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Match Update: Villarreal - Udinese

So far, very little news. After 32 minutes, the score remains 0-0. If you would like to follow the scoring live, you can look to either:

I do not even have a starting lineup, which is frustrating. If anything happens, I will post it here.


--At halftime, it is still 0-0. I guess that is better than giving up 5 goals?

--Into the 50th minute, still 0-0. I can tell you that Cazorla played the first half, but that is it!

--70th minute, no score. Our strikeforce is looking impotent without Nihat.

--78th: Villarreal 0-1 Udinese. This is getting worse and worse.

--The goal was apparently by Fabio Quagliarella. LiveGoal is saying it was in the 63rd, but they did not report it until the 78th. Regardless, this sucks!

--That looks to be it. Another loss, second in a row at home. To a middling Serie A team. One week until the season starts, and we are clearly not ready. The only hope is that with a full-strength squad and a lot of rest in the next week, the results can turn around. If they do not quickly, we will be out of any title race, and perhaps any race to qualify for Europe. Who knows what could happen in the Champions League if we keep playing like this.