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News Roundup

Well, the Senna rumor has slowed. Senna's agent says he is not interested in Fener, and wants to hang his boots up in Villarreal. That is a relief, considering Senna's statements yesterday that he was considering the move - I guess 2.5m euros a season can tempt just about anyone.

In unfortunate news, Pires is injured. The extent of the injury is still not clear, but he joins Cygan, Godin and Nihat on the shelf for the next couple of days at least.

And our best standout on the international stage? Eguren, who scored two goals for Uruguay against Japan. Regrettably, one of those goals was for Japan ;), but, he scored his equaliser only six minutes later. Uruaguay easily won the match. On the rest of the international stage, Spain won convincingly over Denmark, Mati and Chile fell in Turkey, Gonzalo and Argentina failed to create any excitement (0-0), and Guille came on in the 56th for Mexico, who is (currently) beating Honduras 2-1.

Here is's player ratings from the Spanish match:

  • Capdevila – 6.5: Failed to stop Rommedahl and Jensen from whipping crosses in. Did not provide any support upfront when the team attacked in the first half. Gave a much better account of himself in the second.
  • Senna – 7.5: Took a while to impose himself in midfield. Looked out of position everytime the Danes had the ball in attack. But when he was in control, he was everywhere and there was no beating him.
  • Cazorla (sub) – 6: Looked threatening on occasion but certainly wasn’t as lively as his fellow winger, Capel. Would have gotten a higher rating had he scored that last minute goal

And, for good measure, from Denmark:

  • Tomasson – 6.5: Occupied the "hole" position brilliantly by making simple yet crucial touches to set-up chances for the other forwards.

And, I leave you with this: at least someone is a little upset with Villarreal's play as of late.